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Faced with the rise of crypto currencies, the Napoleon Group, which specializes in quantitative finance and blockchain, is positioning itself as a major player. It's objective? To offer its clients investment strategies in crypto-assets based on quantitative algorithms. In this article, Napoleon Group’s two founders, Jean-Charles Dudek and Arnaud Dartois, discuss the challenges of this new market and its prospects.

Napoleon Group is a specialist in crypto-asset investment solutions. Currently, our group comprises two distinct entities:

  • Napoleon Asset Management: a management company offering products exposed to the performance of crypto-assets regulated by the AMF and aimed at a professional and…

NaPoleonX reached an agreement about listing NPX token on January 29th. We have listened to our community and recognized that more exchanges are necessary. We want to provide our holders with more freedom and liquidity.

We’re not rushing these listings and are gradually working our way up. Furthermore, we understand that different exchange platforms are more convenient for different people, and we’re continuing our work by getting NPX listed on more exchange platforms.


Dear Napoleonians,

The bull market is back, and we’re heading towards a new all-time high on BTC. We’ve blasted through the 14k resistance and there are no clear obstacles before the 20k mark. Get ready to make some money along the line.

Altcoins are not too far behind contrary to late 2017, so the bull market is broad hence healthy. If history is any comparison, we are still 12 month-ish from the blow-off top so there are even better times to come. Since our last Newsletter, BTC is up close to 40% and ETH up close to 22%.

ETH has…

Dear Napoleonians,

First of all, we hope that you have enjoyed your summer break and benefited from the sunny crypto pace!

On our side, we have been working really hard with the release of new strategies implementing AI approaches and pre-built allocation. The trading signals were very responsive throughout and the sales activity was extremely active, raising some net new cash. Last but not least, the NPX token holders have benefited from their token licensing right, almost doubling their right monetization from the previous quarter.

Market & strategies analysis

The crypto market has rebounded strongly over the past 6 weeks…

Dear Napoleonians,

Firstly, we hope that you have entered the summer in better shape than the crypto markets 😉

The last few weeks have indeed been quite frustrating for our algos considering a bearish range that has sent a lot of wrong starts in terms of market trends. It gives an unfortunate image to run behind the market.

As explained last month, we have shifted our focus and efforts on research to propose new strategies, incorporating market patterns in order to optimize the drawdown.

We developed a meta algo to allocate between our strategies and those signals present in the…

Dear Napoleonians,

Sell in May and go away! In hindsight, this was certainly our motto over the last few weeks.

That being said, we can see that a violent market correction has presented a buy opportunity as a way onto the crypto train. One could argue as well that the DCA approach (dollar cost average) is definitely a pertinent tool to average your entry without causing too much worry about the behaviours of short-term prices.

On our side, we have suffered from this correction from a commercial standpoint and are currently working on new strategies to diversify the DAF exposure…

Today we are excited to announce that NapBots from Napoleon Group has officially joined the BitMEX Partner Program.

BitMEX is one of the world’s largest and most established cryptocurrency exchanges. It is unusual among cryptocurrency exchanges for having all transactions based in Bitcoin (BTC), as they do not deal in any FIAT currencies. It also offers one of the biggest leverage in today’s market margin trading.

Damian Moser, Head of Sales at Napoleon Group, said “We have been happy to use BitMEX as one of our top trading platforms for over 2 years now, given their reliable liquidity and robust…

Dear Napoleonians,

What a month on the crypto side! The Alt-coin season is well launched and has been definitely impressive. As was the ETH and its fresh new ATH. Be careful, however, markets remain unpredictable: maybe a good moment to jump in NapBots or soon Crypto Army ;-)

We are very glad to observe that our positioning on the institutional business 3 years ago was a good anticipation as we all can see on daily news that Tier1 institutions jumping in the crypto market.

The market is thus maturing and we are more than ever well-equipped to serve institutional crypto…

Dear Napoleonians,

As usual, the volatility of the crypto market has been quite high over the last month and fresh new ATH for major cryptos had been accompanied by local drawdowns.

The market is still fuelled by institutional inflows and the major institutions in the world, such as Tier1 US Banks, now look at the crypto market as a sustainable and real opportunity to diversify their clients’ investment portfolios, targeting a global risk budget of 1–5%. Last, major IPOs coming like Coinbase’s also give a robust indication of the market potential. …

Dear Napoleonians,

Since the latest newsletter as of February 12th, the market caught a fresh cold before entering into a resilient V-shape targeting the higher high.

The market is still fed with institutional inflows while retail reinforces its HODL positions. On top of market flows, we can observe that banks and big IPOs coming (Coinbase,…) are scrutinized very carefully by investors.

Both BTC and ETH made fresh ATH during the month. BTC reached 58k while ETH broke the 2000 USD mark, albeit for a few hours only. Indeed, after ATH was reached on Feb 22, markets started to consolidate.


Fully algorithmic, scalable & decentralized crypto asset manager piloting trading bots, founded by former multibillion-dollar managers. https://www.napoleonx.ai

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